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Why Canada ?

Canada is ready for YOU!

Canada has established itself as one of the safest and most diverse nations in the world focused on the betterment of humanity in every way.  Canada has long been known as a peace keeping nation and, as a result, has continued to build relationships that allow for continued travel and transfer of knowledge.  Canada is also recognized as an Educational Leader around the globe housing some of the best and most innovative Institutions that enable the highest levels of academic learning, training, and development.  Along with unmatched access to Education, Canada is also home to some of the greatest landscapes and natural beauty that our planet has to offer.  From the wonderful Mountains in the west, to all of the water ways and great lakes throughout, and amazing forestry from coast to coast, you will be amazed! 

We look forward to welcoming you to Canada so that you may pursue all of your educational dreams and goals and turn them in to reality!  Everything is possible as long as you have the right level of support, guidance, and encouragement.  We hope to do all of that and more through the entire process. 


More about Canada?

  • Strong and stable economy. 
  • Regularly ranks among the top 10 countries in the United Nations quality of life index. 
  • Leaders in research and innovation that support businesses and entrepreneurs. 
  • A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Common wealth countries. 
  • Studying is affordable in comparison to other English-speaking countries.
  • Full-time international students are able to work on campus or off during their studies.


Canadian degrees are Internationally recognized equivalent to American and Common Wealth Countries!

St. Lawrence College


  • High Graduate Employment Rate
  • Opportunity to work in Canada during your program and after graduation
  • Career Services and Career Counselling
  • 3 Campuses in student-friendly cities near Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa
  • International Student services including international student advisors, language support, housing assistance and assistance with transitioning life in Canada

Seneca College

  • 10 campuses to choose from
  • 300 + programs available
  • 30,000 Full Time Students
  • 8000 Graduates every year
  • Experienced Professors
  • Real World Learning

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