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How does Insight make things easier for you:

We understand how difficult it is to make the decision to study abroad.  There is so much to consider such as what school should I attend and what programs are best suited for me.  How will I move through this process and what do I need to do to secure a study permit and then what kind of support will I have once I arrive.  Thankfully, we are a Canadian based consulting firm that has been focused primarily on Human Resources and fulfilling staffing needs for our clients since we opened in 2015, and are now excited about moving into the Educational sector with our partners.  Most student recruitment firms and agents are located abroad but we are fortunate to be located here in Canada so that we may work directly with you through the entirety of your Journey!  We are also partnered with Mohammed Haque of Corporate Horizon who is our Immigration consulting partner and has been working as a successful Immigration Consultant for over 25 years locally in Canada and remains in good standing and is both recognized and certified as a full member with Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants and carries a valid CSIC #.  Together, we are excited to move into the Educational sector as we have now partnered with Seneca College based out of Toronto ON. as well as with St. Lawrence College based out of Kingston ON. 


  • Free Consultation - advisement on Institutions/Programs
  • Evaluation of matched requirements
  • Formal Registration with Insight Personnel and Consulting Services allows us to work as your representative through your application process - Initial registration fee required - $200 CAD
  • Student application submitted to Institution
  • Receive Offer Letter
  • Organize funds and issue Tuition payment and secure GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) - We will provide additional details
  • Apply for Student Visa through our Immigration Consulting Partner - Corporate Horizon
  • Visa Decision issued
  • Pre-Departure briefing
  • Local team to connect with student upon arrival in Canada
  • Orientation prior to the start of School
  • Continued support throughout your Academic Tenure

As registered student recruitment agents, we have our own specific company portal and access to submit, maintain and update all student applications and can provide real time updates as needed, throughout the entire process.  

We look forward to working with you to help you actualize your educational pursuit for excellence and we will be there... every step of the way!!!  Therefore, reach out as soon as possible and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help answer your questions and get things started!!!


Let Insight Facilitate you in ACHIEVING Your vision!


  • Can I pay fees one semester at a time rather than for the whole year up front? - Answer: As per the SDS Canadian Government Requirements, the 1st year tuition must be paid up front.  You may pay   semester to semester in each successive year of study
  • What is a GIC and is it mandatory? - Answer: A GIC is known as a Guranteed Investment Certificate and is a mandatory requirement through the Government mandated SDS process.  This must be secured with a local Canadian Financial Institution and the amount required is $10,000 CAD.  This is your own money placed as security to support you during your first year - Additional details will be provided by your Educational Advisor
  • Which tests are needed to qualify for application to a Canadian College? - Answer: Above and beyond the verification and evaluation of your overall academic credentials, English language proficiency is a mandatory requirement.  The standardized test most widely accepted is known as IELTS and the minimum score required is between 6.0 and 6.5